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How to Become an Intellectual

A definitive, somewhat comedic guide to becoming an intellectual, now available in paperback from Barnes & Noble and Amazon (the latter of which also offers the inevitable Kindle e-book version). And it’s on sale, of course, in actual bricks-and-mortar bookstores everywhere.

North American Review

Sandhogs (poem; print only)

“The Wait”: A short essay on the writing of “Sandhogs.”

Afterworld (and Other Stories)

A collection of short stories dealing with redemption, revenge, and other light topics; available as a Kindle e-book. Featuring e-versions of the print-only stories published in Carrier Pigeon.

Cleaver Magazine

The Great Wave Carries You Forward

Little Orestes

The Valley

The Adirondack Review

Elvis Presley Retires


Harding On The Boulevard Du Montparnasse

Shotgun Honey Reloaded (Vol. 2)

A crime-fiction anthology featuring my short story, “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.” A subsequent edition featured the story, “Chipping Off the Old Block.”

And on Shotgun Honey‘s Website: three noir flash-fiction pieces, “Two for Tea,” “How Jules Left Prison,” and “The Day the Clown Died.”

Newtown Literary

Kingpins (poem; print only)

The Washington Independent Review of Books

“The Internet Police” (book review)

“The New Digital Age” (book review)

“Citizenville: How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government” (book review)

“Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief” (book review)

The Huffington Post

Some excerpts and articles adapted from How to Become an Intellectual:

Cast LOL and Emoticons From Your Lexicon

The Art of Passionately Hating at Least One Classic Author

Embrace Your Alma Mater, No Matter Where You Went


The Billion-Dollar Startup: Inside Obama’s Campaign Tech

Should Cops Wear Google Glass?

Can Big Data Prevent Hollywood’s Blockbuster Flops?


The Science Behind ‘Elysium’

How Bezos Buying The Washington Post Could Strengthen Amazon

What If Apple Is the New Microsoft?


Apple Expanding North Carolina Data Center Facility: Report

The Evergreen Review

The Jailbird’s First Flight Attempt (poem)

Crack the Spine

The White Mountains (poem; also available as part of a print anthology)


The Trick Is to Start Slowly

My All-American Bacchanal’s Deep-Fried Remains

War Journal

The Modern Man’s Guide to Faucet Repair


Friedrich Nietzsche, Chain-Restaurant Bartender

The Modern Gangs of New York

Barnes & Noble Considering Nook Business Spinoff

Apple iPad 3 Rumor-Mill Gearing Up

Satellite Magazine

Afterworld (fiction)

All in a Day’s Work (fiction)


Playboy: The Book of Cigars (2010)
(Co-written with Aaron Sigmond; photos by Ian Spanier)

…and also available in a Kindle edition.

Private Air

John Travolta Waxes Philosophical About Flight

Firefighting Jets Crash in California

Boars and Hot Air Balloons in Tuscany

Morgan Freeman At Home In Mississippi

Bobby Flay In Vegas

Terry Bradshaw In Texas


Piece on a local clothing line.

The Washington Post

Four iPhone Apps to Try
Dissecting some of the latest Apps for iPhone/iPod.

Finding Like-Minded Netizens Beyond MyFace
Newest in social networking.

Mobile Social Networks: Reach Out and GPS Someone
Yet another social-networking piece.

Fast and Loose With Craig Ferguson Live
Interview with Craig Gerguson, late-night host.

Listen and Learn With Podcasts
Easy ways to learn Mandarin, re-remember long-lost grammar lessons, etc.

A ‘Fountain’ Quest Fulfilled
Interview with ‘The Fountain’ and ‘Black Swan’ director Darren Aronofsky.

A Snowboarder With Business Savvy
Interview with snowboarder and entrepreneur Dave Tran.

Mechanics of Style

Digital Gizmos No. 1: High-End Headphones

Digital Gizmos No. 2: The Porsche Design P’9981 BlackBerry

Digital Gizmos No. 3: Ultrabooks

Digital Gizmos No. 4: Lytro Cameras

100 Thousand Club

Vertu You
Some of the world’s most expensive phones.

Sound & Vision

Chuck’s ‘Buy More’ Versus Best Buy
Comparing the real-life box store to the NBC’s spy show.

The Netflix Queue: How’s It Work?
Dissecting how the Netflix queue, well, works.

Washington City Paper

Perfect the Dots
Interview with D.C. local artist Amy Lin.


Help Yourself
Tips for best care in the ER.

Pineapple: A Sweet, Nutritious Treat
Profile of a tasty fruit.


Old-Time Driver’s Time
Review of antique driver’s watches (co-written with Aaron Sigmond)

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