New Year’s Noir

In Issue 21 of Thuglit, my short story, “A Nice Pair of Guns.” Murder, mayhem, monkey masks, and rocket launchers, kicking off with this opening paragraph:

“We came home from the movies to find our front door kicked open, both floors ransacked, half the food in the fridge missing. My five-year-old daughter ran into her bedroom, screaming, to make sure her toys were safe. She loves her two Pink Princess dolls, which I won for her at the trick-shooting booth at the state fair. Her toys were safe, but when I went into my bedroom, I found that the frisky varmint had stolen my favorite playthings: a pair of AR-15s with very expensive scopes.”

Things just go downhill from there.

And in the newest (and first) issue of Crime Syndicate, my short story, “Dee The Friendly Grizzly’s Little Miracle.” I read an earlier version at November’s NYC Noir at the Bar, but this update features a new (and slightly more hopeful) ending for the sad-sack protagonist.

Nothing like starting the New Year with a little bit of crime and punishment…

Special Delivery

In Shotgun Honey, my short story “Special Delivery.” Breaking out of prison is one thing; breaking into one is quite another…

Available imminently: Issue Four of Satellite magazine, featuring my essay on the destruction of 5Pointz. Also includes a few photos by yours truly, of the graffiti mecca before it was transformed (in a cloud of dust and fury of construction) into yet another soulless condo…

On Dice Insights: Tales of Google’s unusual job-applications process, and why Facebook’s new M digital-assistant might freak out app developers…

‘Carrier Pigeon’ and The Valley

In the latest issue of CARRIER PIGEON: Illustrated Fiction and Fine Art (Vol. 4, Issue 2), my short story “The Coriolis Effect,” with illustrations by Craig Shannon:

“Backward one minute to Ricky Fitz placing that bullet on his outstretched tongue in a parody of Communion, making sure the girls hanging out their apartment windows could see his act of sacrilege, before spitting it into his palm, wiping it on his shirt, and loading it into the last empty chamber of the .38 revolver stolen from beneath his parents’ bed…”

Also of note, a poem, “Kingpins,” in the latest issue of Newtown Literary; and a short story, “The Valley,” in Cleaver Magazine Issue 10.  A little doom and gloom for summer…

Chipping Off the Old Block

The annual Shotgun Honey anthology is out in paperback and Kindle, featuring my short story “Chipping Off the Old Block.” Check it out for a hefty dose of good old-fashioned mayhem and murder; stick around for 24 other great crime-fiction stories.

Over on Dice News, my story about the recent Yahoo layoffs (CEO Marissa Mayer made the mistake of referring to them as a “remix”) was picked up by Business Insider and BoingBoing; the latter piece, by Cory Doctorow, rather picturesquely refers to corporations as “immortal, transhuman artificial life-forms and humans are their gut flora.” Never a dull moment around here, kids.


In this quarter’s North American Review: “Sandhogs,” a poem about life underground; in an accompanying blog post on the NAR’s Website, I talk about the poem’s background (with illustrations by Anthony Tremmaglia).

And over at Dice News: What it took for SFX experts to animate Chappie, the eponymous robot of Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi film (spoiler alert: a lot of processing power).

A Brief Update

‘allo, droogs: It’s been awhile.

In the winter issue of The Adirondack Review: my poem, “Elvis Presley Retires.” Over at Cleaver Magazine, there’s also my short (short) story, “Little Orestes.” Revenge, rebirth, murder, and similarly lighthearted stuff.

On Dice News: articles questioning whether the shortage in tech professionals really exists; what your car will look like in 2030 or thereabouts; and a bit about Obama’s immigration overhaul.

More soon, I promise.