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The Last Redemption of Bill

Last week, as part of the monthly “Noir at the Bar” readings at Shade in NYC, I read an abridged version of “The Last Redemption of Bill,” a hardboiled story narrated by an ultra-intelligent parasite living inside a corrupt public-health inspector. Noir meets Cronenbergian body horror, in other words. You can check the live reading out in the video clip above; the full version of the story appears in Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me, a book of noir tales coming out next month.

A Bad Day in Boat Repo

The newest (and last, unfortunately) issue of ThugLit, that bimonthly compendium of noir and hardboiled fiction, features my short story “A Bad Day in Boat Repo.” And that story features your daily recommended intake of snarky dialogue, explosions, and doomed characters. Available in Kindle and paperback, and includes eleven other stories from some damn great writers.

And available August 2, but ready for Kindle pre-order now: “Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me: 17 Noir Tales.” Some of these yarns have been published in Shotgun Honey, Thuglit, Crime Syndicate Magazine, Carrier Pigeon, and other magazines; the title novella, a murder mystery set in hipster Brooklyn, is all new. Paperback edition will be out in mid-August.