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‘A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps’ Pre-Order

So the Amazon pre-order for my new noir novel, “A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps,” is live (for those who prefer their books electronic, there’s also the Kindle version, as well as the Nook). There’s a Goodreads page, complete with a short excerpt, and the publisher (Down & Out Books’ new Shotgun Honey imprint) has its own page on the book up and running. Check it out!

Here’s a shot of the cover in all its spangly-suited, rifle-toting glory:

Here’s the description:

Bill is a hustler’s hustler with a taste for the high life. He pulls off big scores for one of New York City’s more vicious gangs…until he suddenly grows a conscience. However, living the clean life takes a whole lot of money, and so Bill decides to steal a fortune from his employer before skipping town.

With a bag of cash in the trunk of his car, Bill heads west, ready for a new life. But all that money makes him a tempting target for some bad people he meets on the road—and if that wasn’t dangerous enough, some old friends are close behind him, and they intend to make a trophy of his head.

Pursued by crooked cops, dimwitted bouncers, and a wisecracking assassin in the midst of a midlife crisis, Bill will need to be a quick study in the way of the gun if he wants to survive his own getaway. Who knew that an honest attempt at redemption could rack up a body count like this?

‘A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps’ is a gonzo noir journey into obsession, violence, and the power of love.

Release date is May 12. Pre-order for the e-book version will go live before that.

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