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A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps

In the latest issue of Rust + Moth, a poem, “Cockatoo.” Based somewhat on true events.

Later this year, One Eye Press will also publish my noir novella, “A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps.” Here’s the plot rundown from their site:

Bill spent his whole life thinking he could stay one step ahead of trouble. His hustling skills on the streets of Brooklyn and Queens earned him a lot of money, respect from his fellow criminals, and the love of a woman known for breaking arms as well as hearts. But trouble got a little too close, and now Bill is on the run, pursued by an assassin with a penchant for sick jokes and Elvis tunes.  

Midway through his cross-country flight, Bill stops off in a small town, thinking he can rest for a few hours. Pausing for a beer, though, just gives trouble a chance to finally grab him by the neck. Waking up in chains after a hard knockout, his cash and gun stolen, he discovers some local folks who are even more brutal than the hoodlums he left behind in New York.      

Stripped of everything but his wits, Bill needs to figure out how to save his money and his life. Because if he fails, he’s headed back to the Big Apple… in a bag. 

Cover reveal, publication date, etc. all coming soon.


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