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Bloodshed and “Drive”: New Nonfiction Noir

On his excellent blog, S.W. Lauden and I recently chatted about the current state of the noir short-story market, the writing process, and how comedians like Patton Oswalt inspired the order and rhythm of tales in “Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me.”

Speaking of blogs, I have a guest posting at Do Some Damage about the ethical implications of writing fictional violence in a world that already sees enough (real) bloodshed.

And speaking of bloodshed, over at All Due Respect, I have a piece on “Drive” (2011) and the all-American tradition of the psychopathic anti-hero. If there’s one thing that’s always weirded me out about that film, it’s how many people regard Ryan Gosling’s character as a straight-up hero, when he has more in common with the great white shark from “Jaws.”

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