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New Year’s Noir

In Issue 21 of Thuglit, my short story, “A Nice Pair of Guns.” Murder, mayhem, monkey masks, and rocket launchers, kicking off with this opening paragraph:

“We came home from the movies to find our front door kicked open, both floors ransacked, half the food in the fridge missing. My five-year-old daughter ran into her bedroom, screaming, to make sure her toys were safe. She loves her two Pink Princess dolls, which I won for her at the trick-shooting booth at the state fair. Her toys were safe, but when I went into my bedroom, I found that the frisky varmint had stolen my favorite playthings: a pair of AR-15s with very expensive scopes.”

Things just go downhill from there.

And in the newest (and first) issue of Crime Syndicate, my short story, “Dee The Friendly Grizzly’s Little Miracle.” I read an earlier version at November’s NYC Noir at the Bar, but this update features a new (and slightly more hopeful) ending for the sad-sack protagonist.

Nothing like starting the New Year with a little bit of crime and punishment…

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