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‘Slaughterhouse Blues’ Available for Pre-Order

It’s here! My new noir thriller, “Slaughterhouse Blues,” is available for pre-order in paperback and e-versions (such as Kindle and Nook) from Shotgun Honey and Down & Out Books; it’s the sequel to “A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps,” and filled with hardboiled goodness. (The Amazon link is here, if Amazon is your thing, but my publisher’s offering a better deal at the bottom.)

Here’s the description:

“‘Slaughterhouse Blues‘ catches up with Bill and Fiona, the chattery and gun-happy anti-heroes of ‘A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps,’ soon after they’ve escaped the Rockaway Mob, the criminal enterprise from which Bill ‘borrowed’ several million dollars.

“Holed up in Havana, Bill and Fiona know the Mob is coming for them—it’s just a question of time. But they’re not prepared for who the Mob sends: a pair of assassins so utterly amoral and demented, their behavior pushes the boundaries of sanity. Seriously, what kind of killers pause in mid-hunt to discuss the finer points of thread count and luxury automobiles?

“Forced on the run (again), Bill and Fiona will venture from the crumbling streets of Cuba to the steaming jungles of Nicaragua, and finally back to the mean streets of New York City. If they want to survive, our fine young criminals can’t retreat anymore: they’ll need to pull off a massive (and massively weird) heist—and the loot has some very dark history…”

As I mentioned before, Down & Out Books is offering a couple of deals as part of the whole pre-ordering thing, including a free e-version if you buy the paperback. But there’s also Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iTunes.

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