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What’s that smell?

Yes, I saw the Portfolio article. Instead of a long-winded dissection of the article and its effects, let’s just say that for the past few days, I’ve been responding to emails of “How’s office life?” with a link to this.

In the meantime, there’s a far more pressing concern: Namely, how we can track down the mad genius who had the audacity to create this. * No, it’s not a joke; someone really thought that body spray scented like an overdone Whopper would… what? Bring on a stampede of salivating members of the opposite sex? Or just open the wearer to a spectacularly unfortunate incident involving a herd of passing Dobermans?

The mind boggles – I’m almost tempted to purchase some, just so someone can bend their lips to my ear and whisper, so sweet and softly, “You smell like you just did the nine-to-seven shift at the Burger King off the highway exit.” Actually, on second thought, it might make a decent gift for any Vegans on my holiday list – if I never want them to speak to me ever again.

* And stop him or her before they can mix aromatic compounds ever again.

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