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Writer Types and Hard Sentences

If you’re in the mood for a crime-fiction podcast, noir authors Eric Beetner and S.W. Lauden have launched a new one titled, “Writer Types.” Episode 1 features bestselling authors Megan Abbott, Lou Berney, and Steph Post. I also read from my short story, “Whoops,” which appeared in Shotgun Honey this time last year. Give it a listen if you’re so inclined:

Update #2: Editors (and fantastic authors) David James Keaton and Joe Clifford are throwing together an anthology of crime fiction centered around the island of Alcatraz. It’s due this summer, and I’m in it with a little tale titled, “Live at Alcatraz.” The main character is one of the 20th century’s most iconic musicians, thrown into a situation best described as “The Rock” (the iconic ’90s action movie, not a certain ‘roided-up wrestler-turned-actor) mixed with a bit of the supernatural. Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds. Release date TBD.

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