Other Writing

Select Short Stories

“The Good Doctor,” featured in the anthology “Blood in the Soil, Terror on the Wind” (Brigids Gate Press, August 2022)

“Disappearances at Coal Hill,” featured in the anthology “Found” (Vermillion to One, October 2022)

“Why Bob Lee Came Back,” featured in the anthology “Picnic in the Graveyard” (Cemetery Gates Media, May 2022)

“Zipline,” featured in the anthology “Slice of Paradise” (DarkLit Press, February 2022)

“We Had a Good Time, Until the End,” featured in Rock and a Hard Place, Issue 6 (RHP, August 2021)

“Amanda: A Confession,” featured in the anthology “Unloaded Vol. 2” (Down & Out Books, July 2018)

“Your Pound of Flesh,” featured in the anthology “Lost Highways: Dark Fictions from the Road” (June 2018)

“Death in Florence,” featured in Mystery Tribune Issue 4 (Winter 2018)

“Live at Alcatraz,” featured in the anthology “Hard Sentences: Crime Fiction Inspired by Alcatraz” (May 2017)

Rust & Moth

“Beneath the River” (poem, Winter 2015)

“Cockatoo” (poem, Spring 2016)


“A Nice Pair of Guns” (available in print and Kindle)

“A Bad Day in Boat Repo” (available in print and Kindle)


“Soul in the Shell” (a poetry/photo collaboration with Trey Wright)

North American Review

“Sandhog” (poem; print only)

“The Wait”: A short essay on the writing of “Sandhogs.”

Cleaver Magazine

“The Great Wave Carries You Forward”

“Little Orestes”

“The Valley”

“Alone with Your Own Disaster”

“Illuminati Dance” (poem)

The Adirondack Review

“Elvis Presley Retires” (poem)


“Harding On The Boulevard Du Montparnasse”

Crime Syndicate

“Dee the Friendly Grizzly’s Little Miracle” (available in print and Kindle editions)

“Stickup” (available on Kindle)


“Friedrich Nietzsche, Chain-Restaurant Bartender”

“The Modern Gangs of New York

The Washington Post

Fast and Loose With Craig Ferguson Live
Interview with Craig Ferguson, late-night host.

A ‘Fountain’ Quest Fulfilled
Interview with ‘The Fountain’ and ‘Black Swan’ director Darren Aronofsky.

Washington City Paper

Perfect the Dots
Interview with D.C. local artist Amy Lin.