‘Boise Longpig Hunting Club,’ my next novel from Down & Out Books, is now available for pre-order (it comes out August 13). The paperback is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (where it’s being offered at a pre-sale discount), along with the Kindle edition.

Plus the Down & Out Books e-store is running a buy-the-paperback-get-the-ebook deal, although probably for a limited time.

Links to iTunes, etc., should be up soon. Here’s the book’s official description; I like to frame it as a contemporary update of ‘The Most Dangerous Game,’ only with more snark and a bit of political subtext…

When you want someone found, you call bounty hunter Jake Halligan. He’s smart, tough, and best of all, careful on the job. But none of those skills seem to help him when a shadowy group starts taking his life apart piece by piece. 

First Jake comes home to find a dead body in his gun safe. He thinks it’s a warning—and when you drag people back to jail for a living, the list of people who want to send that kind of message is very long indeed. With backup from his sister Frankie, an arms dealer and dapper criminal, Jake plunges into the Idaho underworld, confronting everyone from brutal Aryan assassins to cops who want his whole family in jail. 

But as Jake soon discovers, those threats are small-time compared to the group that’s really after him. And nothing—not bounty hunting, not even all his years in Iraq—can prepare him for what’s coming next. Jake’s about to become a player in the most dangerous game ever invented… 

Boise Longpig Hunting Club is a wild ride into the dark heart of the American dream, where even the most brutal desires can be fulfilled for a price, and nobody is safe from the rich and powerful.


“Nick Kolakowski spins a ripping pulp yarn of smart-ass bounty hunters and bad-ass crime queenpins caught in the Jean-Claude Van God-Damnedest take on ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ since ‘Hard Target,’ but with no bad accents.”

— Thomas Pluck, author of ‘Bad Boy Boogie’ and ‘Blade of Dishonor’